FRP Pipe and Fitting

FRP Pipe and Fitting


In connection with chemical industries environment (such as petrochemical industry,oil industry, power plant, water treatment industry, gas treatment industry, etc). where corrosive become a critical problem in economic side although technical, the problem empties into maintenance cost. In order to answer that demand, anti corrosion FRP Pipe have been proof in anti corrosion field & extreme environment, good chemical resistance, pressure, temperature.

Duropipe is the best choice because effective service life with low operating and maintenance cost. Duropipe have a good corrosion resistance and high strength, were originally considered premium products to be used on specialized industrial applications. Duropipe could be used in wide range of applicationswith special design, above or under ground.

Product Benefits



Corrosion resistant material

  • Long live service
  • Low miantenace cost
  • High resistant to acid and salt
  • Custom design accordance with characteristic of liquid

Stringent Performance Standard

Ensure high quality, reliable product specification

Smooth inner surface

Low friction loss means less pumping energy needed, lower operating cost

Light weight

  • Low transport cost
  • Eliminates need for expensive pipe handling equipment

High technology Pipe Manufacturing System

  • High and consistent product quality worldwide