Biocomp is a domestic waste water treatment system which has six interconnection compartments with the compact design inside of it, and there are divided into :

1.  Degradation Compartment
2. Anaerobe Compartment
3. Anoxic Compartment
4. Aerobe Compartment
5. Aerobe Compartment
6. Filtering Compartment

Each compartment has a different function and capability for different organic material degradation. So the effluent of waste could be drained to the environment, because its fulfill with Government Standard Regulation.


  • - Efficiency of degradation compartment with additional microorganism
  • - Equipped with anoxic system after anaerobe process, which is reduce the shock loading
  • - Equipped with aeration system in aerobe process
  • - Equipped with filter in the final process
  • - Equipped with circulation pump for minimizing sludge

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