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General FRP Product
Construction & Building Material
    • Dural Panel Tank


      Dural panel tank are produced by Resin Transfer Moulding (RTM) Method, which advantages :

                High Precision

                Both smooth surface

                Exact & consistence thickness


    • Biofil Septic Tank

    Biofil is a "Biological Filter Septic Tank" made of fiberglass. It is equipped with a specially designed contact media and disinfecting system that can be adjusted to your needs so that the effluent will not pollute the environment.


    Biofil is one of PT. Induro Internasional's Products, which has the expertise in fabrication of fiberglass of more than 35 years, in collaboration with Research Institute for Human Settlements Agency for Research and Development, Ministry of Public Works of The Republic of Indonesia.


    Effluents from Biofil has met the standard of quality of domestic water effluent in accordance with Regulation of the State Ministry of Environment No. 112, 2003.


    The Advantages :


             Has three compartments with two types of contact media so that the treatment process is more  effective and complete

              Equipped with disinfecting system to kill bacteria from effluent

              No required much space because Biofil no need leach field

             Quick and simple installation

              Leak proof to protect the environment

              Made of corrosion resistant material.

              Maintenance free

    Biofil KD Series
    - minimize transportation cost
    - for big project

    • Maestro Door


      • Composite Door.
      • Advantages :
        • Elegance
        • Water resistance
        • Weather resistance
        • No termite
        • No mouldy

    • Inato Toilet 
      Innovative & artistic bathroom unit


      • Greater speed of construction
        Offsite manufacturing reduces construction time on site, precisely project time schedule.
      • Lightweight
        Inato is lightweight, enables savings structure of the building.
      • Solved leaking problem
        Minimize joints.
      • Improved clean and safety during construction
        Less packaging on site waste.
      • Minimal on site skilled labour required
        Bathroom units are fully finished  and ready for use after connect to services.


      • Hotels
      • Apartments
      • Marine
      • High rise living
      • Leisure facilities
      • Health and other care sectors
      • Special needs

    • "Biocomp" Wastewater Treatment System


    • Grease Trap